We are so excited for you.

We believe that life is a beautiful gift. If you're anything like us, you're probably experiencing a mix of emotions - much excitement and anticipation, worries, fears, a lot of questions. You can't wait to meet your baby, but you're anticipating the drastic changes ahead. Motherhood will be the most challenging job you will ever have. It will also be so rewarding and joy-filled.

Your baby's birth day will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Every single birth experience is unique, and even if it does not go exactly as planned, at Grace+Birth we believe it can (and should) be filled with joy. When parents receive personalized care, encouragement, and support, they feel more secure and cared for. This sets them up for success as they adapt to a new family dynamic.

Birth is a profound mystery, which makes it undeniably beautiful, but the unknown can be scary. As doulas, we cannot predict when you will go into labor. We can't tell you how long labor will last or exactly what it will look like. But we can tell you that You are loved. You are blessed. You are not alone. We would love to sit down and chat through your hopes, desires, fears, and questions. At Grace+Birth we believe that there is power in grace-filled words and encouragement, and that when women have such support, they are able to put off worry, fear, anxiety, and guilt and reclaim JOY in birth and motherhood. It would be a joy and honor to walk this journey alongside you!

Lauren + Erin

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