"Lauren was wonderful leading up to and all during my labor! My labor was very long and Lauren was a comforting presence through the whole experience. She was with us the entire time and really supported us and kept suggesting new positions for me to try to keep me as comfortable as possible. I look back on that day as a beautiful memory and we are so thankful to Lauren for her encouragement and support on the day our daughter was born."  — Meghan

“When my husband and I decided having a Doula was something we wanted, Erin was our first choice. We had both known her through church for many years however, what I didn’t know at that time, was how this acquaintance would become a friend. In our meetings leading up to labor, she was so easy to talk to and let me express my concerns and had wise words to say in response to those. Once my labor started, she talked me through options and gave me support by phone before we made the call to head to the hospital. Once Erin arrived, she was eager to help. What I liked most was how she made sure to get my husband involved. She’d show him how to do something and then step back and be there for support. My labor and delivery was long but she had ideas and suggestions through it all. I am so thankful for the roll she played in us meeting our little girl! The day after we got home from the hospital, my husband and I were talking and he said, “There’s no way I’d want to do that again without her.” I agree whole heartedly. We loved our experience with Erin and can’t wait to do it again down the road!”

"Lauren always asked when my appointments were and followed-up with me afterwards. Towards the end of my pregnancy, they were some complications that led to several ultrasounds and appointments. Lauren was so faithful to be there to listen to my fears, encourage me, and provide my husband and I with questions and resources we wouldn't have thought of without her support. Lauren wasn't just our doula, she became our friend and loved us, and our little one, so gracefully throughout my pregnancy and our delivery. I can't imagine what our journey would have looked like without her because she supported me in ways I didn't even know I needed. I would highly recommend her to everyone!"  — Erin

“As my husband and I anticipated the birth of our first child we thought it might be nice to have the help of a doula. We had no idea how crucial Lauren would be in the birth of our son! Our labor lasted a long 40 hours, and Lauren was with us for the majority of that time, both at our home and at the hospital. My husband said more than once that we could not have done it without her!

Lauren has the most calming presence. She tirelessly served both of us, encouraged us, brought my husband food and offered wonderful tips when needed. She also helped significantly with both sets of parents, informing them of my progress so my husband didn’t have to leave me. After his birth, she checked on us at home and offered tips on breastfeeding and sleep in the weeks following. Lauren was an invaluable part of our day, and we cannot imagine doing it without her.  We have already told her she will be there for the birth of our other children!"  — Colby + Emily

“Erin was exactly what I needed during my pregnancy and birth experience. Erin was available from about 28 weeks after we signed our contract. She was very consistent with communication and responded to any questions I had promptly. She was extremely knowledgeable and made sure I knew about all of my options when helping me draft my birth plan. Erin was also an extremely calming presence during labor and delivery. We had a small complication, and I couldn’t imagine her not being there to help me remain calm. She was so encouraging during delivery and I felt motivated to keep going. I felt extremely ready for labor and delivery, and I know I owe it all to Erin. I know that we had such a wonderful pregnancy, labor and delivery experience because of Erin. She comes highly recommended!”

"We can't speak highly enough of Lauren. Throughout my pregnancy and the first few weeks postpartum Lauren was always accessible to answer any questions and provide the encouragement I needed to make it through my pregnancy and transition to motherhood. Lauren is nonjudgmental and always made us feel comfortable being ourselves.

When I started laboring Lauren was in contact with me by phone before she arrived and labored with us for almost 24 hours. She provided a calming presence during my labor and helped me push past my walls when I felt I wanted to give up on my desire for an unmedicated birth by suggesting new positions and providing encouraging words to both me and my husband. Lauren is incredibly personable and built a strong relationship with us in the weeks leading up to our birth so it was very comfortable having her involved in the intimate experience of labor and delivery. Most importantly, we always knew Lauren truly cared for our family, and we could not be more happy that she was our doula."   — Kelsey + Brandon

"Lauren was an amazing doula for both my labor and postpartum recovery. She was so encouraging and had a calming presence and strength about her that I loved and leaned on. During my pregnancy she took the time to get to know me and my desires for birth and provided encouraging tips along the way. Birth is such a personal experience, and we felt very comfortable sharing it with Lauren because we knew we could trust her. She had a great knowledge of the laboring technique my husband and I took classes on (Bradley Method) and was helpful in reminding us of different positions to try. She also made a great team with my husband and nurses, and I appreciated how she advocated for us at the hospital. She freed my husband and I to focus on laboring and our new little one once he arrived. During postpartum, she was an invaluable resource for all of my questions (so many questions!) and supported me while I transitioned into my new role as a momma by checking in on me, providing food, and so much more."
— Jessica + Nathan