Extending grace. 

Encouraging women. 

Reclaiming joy.

At Grace+Birth, we believe LIFE is a GIFT and that your baby's birth day - one of the most memorable days of your life - should be filled with JOY! Every single birth experience is unique, making it a profoundly beautiful mystery. We believe personalized care, encouragement, support, and loads of GRACE lead to a joy-filled birth experience and transition to motherhood. 



Birth Doula Support


Personalized support, encouragement, and coaching from pregnancy through birth and immediate postpartum.

Postpartum Doula Support


At home care for YOU as you care for your baby, heal, and embrace your new role as mother.

Childbirth Education

3 week childbirth class preparing couples for the birth they desire. // Next series begins in May!


My husband said more than once that we could not have done it without her! Lauren has the most calming presence. She tirelessly served both of us, encouraged us, brought my husband food and offered wonderful tips when needed.
— The Humphreys